Language Teaching Practicum Program (Special Program 2) Details

School of Foreign Languages and School of Contemporary International Studies Graduate School of International Studies*

Program Highlights

Learn practical skills in your classes and apply the methods in real-life lessons with domestic students studying at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies.

Empathise with your future students more by living immersed in a foreign culture yourself.

Students majoring in language teaching (English or French) can apply to this program through their home college/university

*Eligible for NUFS or JASSO scholarship [stipend to be remitted after students' bank accounts at JP Bank have been set up].

See below for contact details.

Please contact us for all Special Program 2 inquiries at:

How to Apply

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Credit Requirements

Minimum 7 Classes (14 credits) per semester and/or 10.5 contact hours per week

Entry Requirements

  • Must be enrolled in and recommended by one of our partner institutions.
  • Enrolled in an applicable language teaching program/degree through home institution.
  • A strong recommendation from staff at home institution.

Deadlines and Important Dates

Application Deadline: November 30, 2018 for Spring Semester 2018

Dates of Arrival in Japan for Spring Semester 2018: March 19 or 20, 2018 (please note that no other arrival date will be accepted regardless of the reason)

Spring Semester starts March 22, 2018 (please note that the dates are not yet final and are subject to change)

Please contact us directly at for Spring Semester end dates


Please download the Language Teaching Practicum Program (Special Program 2) Application Package below