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May 1
May 1

Eiheiji Temple – Wajima – Shirakawa Village (JLI Overnight Study Tour)

今学期の研修旅行では、北陸へ行ってきました。福井県の美しい永平寺を参拝し、能登半島・輪島で御陣乗太鼓のショーを鑑賞してから、世界遺産の白川郷を散策しました。 For this semester’s overnight study tour, we went to the Hokuriku area. After visiting the beautiful Eiheiji Temple in Fukui Prefecture, and enjoying a performance of Gojinjo-Daiko drums in Wajima in Noto Peninsula (Ishikawa Prefecture), we strolled around Shirakawa Village (Gifu Prefecture), a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Feb 4
Feb 4

Exchange Application Deadlines (Fall 2016)

Just a quick reminder that applications for all exchange programs for Fall Semester 2016 are 30 April 2016. Follow the links to your program of choice and download the Application Pack at the bottom of the page. Be sure not to miss out, and apply today. Japanese Language and Japanese Studies Program Contemporary Japan […]

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Students studying at NUFS have several choices for living arrangements to best suit their individual needs. Follow the link below to view the different options.

Programs at NUFS

Nagoya University of Foreign Studies offers a range of courses for students of all backgrounds. Click on one of the programs below to discover which opportunities are available.

Getting Around

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About Nagoya

Weekly Groceries

3000 - 5000

New T-shirt



1000 - 2000

All-day Bus/Train Pass

600 - 800

New Textbook

1500 - 3000

Average Lunch Out

1000 - 1500

Out and About

Part of the fun of a study abroad is thoroughly exploring your new home. Take in the historical sites in and around Nagoya, enjoy the local cuisine and sake breweries in the Chubu region, and create lifelong friendships with the locals.


Nagoya is located at the centre of Honshu (the main island of Japan) with a population of 2.24 million. Its central location means that it is only 1 hour 40 minutes to Tokyo, 50 minutes to Osaka, and 35 minutes to Kyoto all on Japan's convenient bullet train system.

What to see in Central Japan

Visit Nagoya Castle, Gifu Castle, and Atsuta Shrine.

Misokatsu and tebasaki top most people’s to-eat lists, but take the time to explore Aichi’s tea fields and sake breweries too.

Home to Toyota, Yamaha, and Mitsubishi. See how the world’s leading corporations do things differently and what makes the Port of Nagoya Japan’s busiest trading port.

Head into Sakae to shop for the world’s leading brands or get lost in Osu Kannon for an eclectic array of boutiques, cafes, thrift shops, markets, and izakaya dining.

For more information about sights around Nagoya, check out this link:
Nagoya Info Sightseeing Guide

Talk to Japanese Students

NUFS holds plenty of Language Lounges each week for students to either tutor or practise communicating in English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Chinese, and many other languages. Work part-time as a tutor, attend as a student to have conversations with other students in whatever language you want to study, and make friends with students from other programs.